Boosting Migration Funding Programs: EU to Strengthen Border Management & Asylum Policy

Written by | Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

The European Union has proposed to triple funding for migration and border management to €34.9 billion, compared to €13 billion in the previous period. The Commission proposed to boost the budget in response to migratory, mobility and security challenges. More money will now be provided to flexible funding instruments and a separate fund will be created to cover border management and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, which will be further strengthened with a new standing corps of around 10,000 border guards.


When it comes to securing the EU’s external borders, the new funds will draw on the work that was done in the past but they will also enable more checks at the border including IT systems and a future entry/exit system. This is also tied back to the visa policy, which should newly include a renewed Asylum and Migration Fund (AMF). The Fund will support the EU’s work in three key areas: asylum, legal migration and integration, and countering irregular migration and returns. This funding will also be directed to funding fight against human trafficking and smuggling as well as support for intercepting and search at sea, including equipment and training for border guards.


Within support for migration, the EU increases its focus on supporting national asylum systems and channeling funds to a stronger and more efficient European asylum system. The EU is also going to spend more on the early integration of non-EU nationals staying lawfully in the bloc on top of supporting cohesion funds and socio-economic integration. The new fund will also facilitate a more coordinated approach to countering irregular migration and improve the effectiveness of the return policy.

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