Brexit Side Effect: The EU’s Brand Rising Across the Bloc

Written by | Friday, October 19th, 2018

The latest public opinion poll revealed a rising appreciation of EU membership within the European society, reaching a record high of 62%. The survey shows that more people than ever before think that their country’s membership is a good thing. This is the highest number recorded in 25 years. 68% also think that they country has benefitted from the membership – the best result since 1983. Almost all measures of support for the EU have shown a significant increase following the UK’s Brexit referendum.

This points out to a growing awareness of the benefits of the EU membership. 66% of respondents said that they would vote for their country to remain in the bloc and only 17% would consider leaving while 17% were undecided. The independent study conducted by Kantar Public among 27,474 Europeans aged 16 or more, interviewed face-to-face in all 28 member states, is in line with the latest Eurobarometer’s recent finding that also shows a greater sense of satisfaction – as high as 49% – amongst Europeans with the democratic functioning of the EU. Eurobarometer also shows that 48% feel that their voice counts in the EU, although this sentiment seems to be declining in some EU countries.

Still, another survey – the Parlemeter 2018 – also shows some less positive insights. Despite a growing support for the EU in general, around 50% of respondents were not satisfied with the direction the block is heading in. Public opinion, however, seems to be overall consistent on the expectation about the role the EU should play in the future. 48% say they want the EU to play a more important role compared to 27% preferring less.

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