Euro-Mediterranean Transport Ministers Pledge to Enhance Cooperation in the sector

Written by | Friday, November 15th, 2013

Transport ministers from 43 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean have agreed in Brussels to bolster cooperation in the sector by enhancing air, rail, maritime and road connections.
At the end of their conference meeting, the ministers have called for fostering regional transport integration, a move that will contribute to strengthening economic exchanges and creating business opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
Speaking during the meeting, European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas told ministers that “cooperation in the transport sector is key for the social and economic integration of the Mediterranean area”.
He also said that such cooperation “will facilitate trade, connect people, and bring prosperity on all sides of the Mediterranean.”
In the Joint Declaration released after the gathering, the Euro-Mediterranean agreed to set out priorities and guidelines for future cooperation on regulatory reforms and convergence.
They also pledged to work out a Mediterranean transport network and discuss the funding of this project during the upcoming conference scheduled before the end of 2015.
The ministers hailed the cooperation achievements made in the field of euro-Mediterranean transport, particularly in harmonizing regulations in maritime security, safety and prevention of pollution.
They also commended the progress made in aviation safety and security, air traffic management; road, rail and urban transport.
European Union has signed aviation agreements with Morocco, Israel and Jordan, and is ready to negotiate and conclude such agreements with other partner countries.
These aviation agreements open up the air services market between the EU and their partner countries, which respect EU aviation standards (safety and security, air traffic and airports management, environment)

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