Cyprus Conflict Update: Looking for a “European” Solution

Written by | Monday, July 31st, 2017

The European Union is looking into a “European solution” to the Cyprus issue, although it is still not clear what this means. Both Greece and Cyprus confirmed that President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker sent a letter to Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades emphasizing that any solution to the conflict must be a European one.

“The EU provides a strong framework within which the historical ties of the two communities should be further consolidated,” the letter said. The Commission confirmed that the letter was sent to both sides of the conflict – Cyprus and Turkey. “The President asks both leaders, for the benefit of all Cypriots and of the European Union, to continue their efforts until they have reached a political agreement,” Brussels confirmed.

Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias urged the EU to clarify its position regarding Turkey’s demands for intervention rights over Cyprus. “The EU must make its position clearer, as it does not say it clearly when speaking with Turkey, that it cannot have parts of its territory be occupied by a third country and that this country has intervention rights over an EU member state,” he emphasized.

For some EU leaders, a “European solution” could possibly mean no derogation to the European law. However, a European solution should not allow Turkey, as a non-EU state, to become a driving force for the developments in an EU member state. Athens and Nicosia have both repeatedly called on the EU to get involved in the talks, in which Greece has been taking part as an observer.

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