President Joachim Gauck:Germany Should Play a Greater Global Role

Written by | Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

According to its President Joachim Gauck, Germany should become a more influential global leader without trying to dominate. In his opinion, Germany does not have any aspirations to dominate the world stage but it should use its post-war experiences of economic success and democracy. Due to the country’s Nazi past and its culmination during the Second World War, Berlin is still unwilling and perhaps also scared to participate in military and even peacekeeping missions. In 2011, the country was criticized by its allies for not having supported the military intervention in Libya by abstaining in a UN vote.
Mr Gauck, who is himself a former human rights campaigner and a pastor from East Germany, caused a considerable upheaval with his speech earlier this month saying that Germany must stop being haunted by its past and try to intervene more decisively and substantially even in international military crises. He said he would like to see his country playing a major and more active role on both European and global stage. In his opinion, Germany should assume more responsibility, yet without trying to impose its visions upon the rest of the world. Post-war years and developments have proven that Germany is managing both democracy and economic development very well, so the country could use these to share with others, he commented.
Although the position of German President is rather weak as he lacking major executive powers, Mr Glauck feels that President should serve as an important source of moral authority. He therefore felt that he should have spoken out after hearing suggestions from international partners during his trips around the world for Germany to be more active on the global stage. Germany is Europe’s largest economy and many around the world see the country as the major representative of the entire European Union.

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