“Scary” Donald’s Presidency: Trump’s Election Worst Case Scenario for EU-ES Ties

Written by | Thursday, August 11th, 2016

The US Democratic Party has said it was deeply concerned about the future of the transatlantic relations between the US and the EU, if Donald Trump is elected the next US President in the November presidential election. The Socialists and Democrats (S&D), who attended the Democratic Party Convention, said that they were internally having serious and “honest“ discussions about what impact the possible election of Donald Trump would have on the US ties to Europe.

Senator Bernie Sanders commented that a Trump presidency would be a “scary and a very difficult to handle scenario” for the EU-US relations. Mr Sanders added that with Trump as the US president, Europe would not know what to expect, as he is very unpredictable. “In diplomatic language, one needs to think twice before saying something,” the S&D commented on Mr Trump’s rhetoric.

Senator Sanders also commented on the most recent developments in Europe saying that the Brexit was an unfortunate reflection of the fact that populism “takes advantage of peoples’ fears”. He also touched upon the current situation in Greece, hinting that he appreciates Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras‘ efforts to stabilize the country.

S&D’s President Gianni Pittella has recently written an op-ed where he said that Europe has been “infected“. “The virus of populism, racism, xenophobia has affected Europe. This virus in Europe is named Le Pen in France, Farage in Great Britain, Orban in Hungary, 5 Star Movement in Italy, Kaczynski in Poland,” he wrote. Democrats also admitted that the US is “inflected“ with the same virus but it has a bit “different mix“.

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