North Africa in Focus: EU Reacts to Terror in Egypt and Development in Libya

Written by | Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

The European Union has condemned the latest terrorist attacks on a border post in Sinai, for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility. The EU commented that the terror act is a tragic reminder of a continuous threat to Egypt that threatens the stability of the country and the entire region. Brussels also reminded that the EU stands in support of the Egyptian people and government in their fight against the terrorist group, which is an integral part of the fight against the organization and Islamic insurgency in the wider region.

Regarding Libya, the EU commented on the latest development in the country, reminding that the use of force to seize the power will only lead to more disorder and continuous violence in which the Libyan people will necessarily be the main victims. Brussels urged all sides to cooperate in support of the implementation of the Libya Political Agreement in order to start and pursue a democratic process that will enable the Libyan people to finally find peace after years of civil strife in the North African country.

The EU has also called on the Presidency Council to immediately strike a compromise on an inclusive new proposal for the formation of the Government of National Accord, and on which the House of Representatives needs to vote in a fair and orderly manner. Brussels also reassured that the EU would continue to lend support to the Libyan people and to the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) in its efforts to bring about a lasting solution to it multiple problems. The EU’s policy towards the North African countries seeks to encourage political and economic reform in each individual country in due respect for its specific features and regional cooperation among the countries of the region themselves and between the MENA countries and the EU.


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