IOM Laid Out MENA Regional Strategy: Migration, Mobility and Crisis Management

Written by | Monday, May 15th, 2017

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has published its 2017-2020 regional strategy for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The main objective of three-year roadmap is to enhance good governance of migration throughout the MENA region, ultimately aspiring towards mobility and migration that is managed in an orderly and humane manner. IOM aims to achieve this goal by focusing on structural transformations and by addressing the mobility dimensions of crises affecting the region. IOM will continue supporting the MENA countries in realizing their national priorities in fulfilling their international commitments in the area of migration, mobility and displacement.

Structural transformations will include humanitarian responses to crises and sustainable, resilience-focused and development-based approaches. Such practices should address vulnerable mobile populations and both host and affected communities alike. Greater focus must be also put on migrants’ rights, legal immigration opportunities, development, livelihoods as well as alternatives to irregular migration. Other policy instruments will include greater preparedness for natural disasters and climate and environmental impacts on migration, an area currently neglected in the region. Moreover, structural transformations will also require investment at the level of national laws and policies, public perceptions and discourse as well as inter-State dialogue and cooperation within the MENA and with other regions.

To achieve these goals, IOM will build on its solid and historical presence in the MENA region and a number of large and financially stable missions as well as a proven record of high operational capacity. IOM aims to diversify its programmatic portfolio and apply its broad expertise to enhance policies and approaches to migration.  IOM is also committed to applying a results-based management approach to migration.

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