In Defiance of Trump’s ‘America First”: Macron-Merkel Lobby for Iran and Free Trade

Written by | Monday, April 30th, 2018

In stark contrast to Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the Iranian deal as a “building bloc” and part of the “mosaic” needed to contain Tehran. Following the recent visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to the White House, who lobbied for the deal, Ms. Merkel became the second European leader within a week to ask Donald Trump for his endorsement of the deal. The Chancellor also reassured the US administration that Germany would increase its military spending and hinted her openness to the bilateral trade deals that the US President prefers. Ms. Merkel said that bilateral trade negotiations may make sense when the World Trade Organization has struggled to reach global deals.

Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to pull out of Iran deal and hinted that we would be willing to accept a parallel deal. He said that it was important to prevent Iran from building its proliferation of missiles and support for terrorism. The US President displayed a new wave of warmth towards the German leader following a series of awkward moments between the two leaders. Ms. Merkel has been a sharp critic of Donald Trump’s “America First” policies and said that the days when Europe could count on its most important ally were “over to a certain extent”.

Chancellor Merkel visited Washington on Friday (27 April) and Donald Trump insisted that they share a bond. He also congratulated Chancellor on her recent reelection and described her as an “extraordinary woman” at a press conference. In turn, Ms. Merkel said that thanks to the strength of the American President, the international community was making progress in pushing for sanctions against North Korea. She also praised Mr. Trump for a narrowing of the US-Germany trade balance.

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