Post-Brexit UK Fragmentation: Scotland Seeks a Second Vote on Independence

Written by | Monday, September 5th, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, has triggered new efforts towards the Scottish independence by launching a new survey on the issue. She said that the Brexit had changed the situation and therefore the country needs a new vote on the possible secession from the United Kingdom. “Brexit raises afresh the issue of independence… It would allow us to take control of our own destiny,” she said. While the 2014 poll ended tight in favor of remaining part of the UK, Ms Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party is in favor of seceding.

The planned survey aims to reach about two million people, or around half the electorate. “I believe it is right that our party does now lead a new conversation on independence. It will be a new debate, it will not be a re-run of 2014,” Ms Sturgeon added. The survey is intended to give more light into how the opinion on the secession changed following the Brexit vote. Before the referendum, the Scottish society was polarized regarding the vote – 54 percent were against independence and 46 percent in favor and in the very 2014 referendum, 55 percent voted against and 45 percent in favor.

Ms Sturgeon, however, believes that support for succession has increased as the consequences of Brexit are increasingly becoming clear. She also addressed British PM Theresa May saying that “You do not have a clear mandate to take any part of the UK out of the single market”. The Scottish government would like to gain additional powers to keep EU ties to help the country’s companies and universities. Ms May promised to involve Scotland in the talks about the UK’s future in the EU and spoke against Scottish independence.

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