EU Supports Washington’s Strikes in Syria

Written by | Monday, September 9th, 2013

The European Union leaders have reiterated their strong condemnation of the chemical assault launched lately by the Syrian army against the rebels in the outskirts of Damascus, voicing support for Washington punitive strikes against the Syrian regime for the use of internationally banned weapons.
The “horrific attack”, which was perpetrated 21 august , killing hundreds of people, including many women and children, is “a blatant violation of international law, a war crime, and a crime against humanity”, says the Union in a statement released after meeting with US secretary of State, John Kerry, leading an international diplomatic offensive for action Syria.
After listening to Kerry, the EU leaders say there is “a strong evidence that the Syrian regime is responsible for these attacks as it is the only one that possesses chemical weapons agents and means of their delivery in a sufficient quantity”.
Responding to the call launched by the US top diplomat saying “this is not the time to be silent or a spectator”, the European foreign ministers agree that the “international community cannot remain idle”, affirming that “a clear and strong response is crucial” to make it clear that there “can be no impunity” for the use of chemical weapons in Syria or elsewhere.
On the diplomatic, they stress the need to address the Syrian crisis through the UN process and urge the UN Security Council to unite to prevent any further chemical attack.
They went on to say that “only a political solution can end the terrible bloodshed”, violations of human rights and the destruction of Syria”, supporting the idea of convening another peace conference “Geneva II” in a bid to solve the Syrian crisis and put an end to the sufferings of Syrian people.
At a joint press conference held Monday in London with British foreign secretary William Hague, US secretary of State gave Syria one week to hand over its chemical weapons to avoid international military attack but he said had no expectation Bachar Al Assad, who brazen use of chemical weapons, would comply.
While in Paris, Kerry met his French peer Laurent Fabius and Arab league foreign ministers who all agreed that Syria crossed the global red-line by gassing its own people.
But apparently, the biggest challenge yet awaiting the US administration is convincing members of the Congress before unleashing US military firepower.

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