Venezuela Drone Attack: EU Seeks Investigation into Maduro Assassination Attempt

Written by | Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

The European Union is calling for a “comprehensive and transparent investigation” into a drone “assassination” bid on Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro. The office of Federica Mogherini, EU diplomacy chief, said in a statement that the EU was against “any form of violence and expects that a comprehensive and transparent investigation of Saturday’s drone attack is conducted to establish the facts, in full respect for the rule of law and for human rights.

Brussels also called for the recognition of the National Assembly’s constitutional powers, including the parliamentary immunity of its members and for the respect for constitutional rights and legislative process. “The EU reiterates its support for a negotiated, democratic and peaceful solution for the multiple crises affecting the country as the only way forward,” the EU statement further read. The EU is also calling for a return to “constitutional normality by restoring democratic process and the rule of law, respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, release of all political prisoners, and addressing the pressing humanitarian needs of the population.”

Nicolas Maduro is accusing the opposition and Colombia of being behind the attack as he continues tightening his control over the country. Mr. Maduro says he was targeted by two drones carrying C4 explosives and his Saturday speech at a military parade was halted due to a detonation. In June this year, Brussels imposed economic sanctions on 11 senior Venezuelan officials in protest at President Nicolas Maduro’s re-election, which the EU says was neither free nor fair, and over his government’s alleged abuses of fundamental rights. The sanctions included travel bans and asset freezes on individuals close to Mr. Maduro but did not target him personally as Brussels first sought to put pressure on those around him.

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