‘No-Deal Brexit’ Chaos Looms Large: EU Readying Its Contingency Plan

Written by | Thursday, March 28th, 2019

A ‘no-deal’ Brexit deal option is looking increasingly likely, according to EU leaders after the EU Commission has revealed its Plan B for that scenario. But it warned that the measures could only decrease disruption, not prevent it. The EU has finished its prep work for the United Kingdom leaving the bloc without a deal in place, the EU executive confirmed. Last week, Brussels agreed to postpone Brexit as fears of a chaotic ‘no-deal’ scenario keep on growing.

The Commission said that it had put in place contingency measures on its website such as the continuation of the PEACE program at the Irish border by 2020, honoring its 2019 commitments to existing UK contracts, ensuring basic air and road connectivity between the EU and the UK, temporary measures to avoid disruption of financial services and a continuation of visa-free travel to the EU for UK nationals if London grants the same privilege to EU citizens. The EU also wants to make sure that the EU students currently studying in the UK can complete their studies.

A ‘no-deal’ scenario essentially means that the UK will become a third country from the perspective of EU law and the EU’s tariffs and border checks will go into effect immediately. British citizens will no longer be EU citizens and will be subject to border checks. There will also be no transition period, which will cause major disruptions to individuals and businesses alike. Moreover, EU laws will seize to apply in the UK and relations will be governed by World Trade Organization rules and international public law.

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