Brussels Signs “Historic” Deals with Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine

Written by | Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

The European Union signed “historic” association deals with three post-Soviet countries – Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine – as all of them committed themselves to build a future in Europe despite the Russian opposition. Head of European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, said that the day when the three deals were signed was a great day for Europe emphasizing that the EU stands by the side of the three countries more than ever before. He also pointed out that the association agreements contained “nothing that might harm Russia in any way” and offered all sides the possibility “to chart together a safer future.”
EU leaders insist that Russia should not fear these deals that offer more intensive economic and political ties. Yet, Moscow despised the agreements on the ground that they essentially constitute an intervention in its sphere of influence warning that they will lead to “serious consequences”. Kremlin’s spokesperson commented that Russia would take all the necessary steps to protect its economy. Russian President Vladimir Putin added that as Brussels forced Kiev to make a clear choice between Europe and Russia, this mean that the Ukrainian society and the country itself are split apart. The deals that Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine “dared” to sign were originally proposed also to Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Belarus but they stepped back after Kremlin had warned them of the “serious consequences”.
Ukraine’s Poroshenko said that the agreement would shape a new future for Ukraine and Crimea which Russia annexed in March. The deal has, in his opinion, put Ukraine on course for membership in the European Union. Georgia’s Garibashvili commented that his country shared the European values of democracy and freedom. He added that the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia – problematic regions considered by Russia as independent – would, in his opinion, benefit a lot from closer ties to the EU. In Moldova, Prime Minister Leanca promised that his country would take the most of its association deal pledging that after “many ups and downs … we will do everything to modernise the country”. The agreements are to help Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine innovate their economies while opening up the EU market of a half a billion consumers for business and trade opportunities. In return, the three countries have committed themselves to strengthening civil society, governance, independent jurisdiction, and protection of human rights.

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